51\1, Nikoloyamskaya street, Moscow, 109004, Russia

The benefits of working with us

  • Today, we are the only organization providing an integrated approach to product promotion in the markets of Arab countries. (

  • Provision of Halal certification services on behalf of Central Muslim Spiritual Board of Russia (CMSB Russia), the oldest religious organization in Russia, and the Russian-Arab Consultation Center (RACC).

  • Support of our clients at all stages of certification.

  • Free information and consulting support for the entire period of certificate validity.

  • Additional marketing and advertising support to promote Halal products through specialized registries and Islamic media.

  • Assistance in finding partners in the Middle East, concluding contracts and accompanying export supplies (the service is provided by the Russian-Arabic Consultation Center).

  • Organization of participation in specialized exhibitions of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait under the auspices of the Russian-Arab Consulting Center.

Our Contacts
Our contacts
51\1, Nikoloyamskaya street, Moscow, 109004, Russia