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    Standard "Halal" is a system that has many followers not only among the Muslim community, but also supported by a huge number of supporters of a healthy lifestyle. Since Halal sets high standards of quality control, the brand confirming the Halal nature of the product / service is perceived by consumers as a guarantee of quality, environmental friendliness, safety.

    Today, the buyer gives preference to goods marked "Halal".

    According to expert estimates, the Halal industry is growing at an annual rate of 25%. 2 trillion dollars will be spent by consumers in 2018. By 2030, only Muslim countries will increase the population to 2.3 billion people, therefore consumption will continue to grow. And if you take into account the trends of the growing consumer ability of Muslim countries, the growth of Muslim communities in other countries and the growing interest of other classes of consumers to Halal products, consumption indicators of such products will grow faster than the world average.

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51\1, Nikoloyamskaya street, Moscow, 109004, Russia